Just Good Work Malaysia

Just Good Work: Clear Pathways to Better Employment

Just Good Work is a free mobile app that helps to engage with and inform workers about their rights, and an important tool for businesses to implement responsible recruitment practices. The Just Good Work platform is built and maintained by a social enterprise called Fifty Eight. Just Good Work seeks to:

  • Strengthen responsible recruitment practices
  • Inform workers of their rights
  • Provide a trusted and confidential grievance channel to workers
  • Empower workers with information to make better decisions

The app will also engage with and inform workers about their rights and strengthen worker voice in management systems and labour performance frameworks in companies.

Just Good Work: App Features


The Just Good Work app is user-friendly with clear and simple information and inline questions to point users to the timely information they need. The app is also available in in 8 languages (English, Malay, Indonesian, Burmese, Bengali, Nepali, Hindi and Vietnamese.) & audio.

Store Key Documents

Users can save copies of key documents, such as passports and visas, and access them whether online or offline. Along with these documents, users will find key questions to ask at every stage of the employment journey.

Free & Anonymous

The app is completely free to use and users can access the app’s features completely anonymously. No information shared through the app will be traced back to individuals. Help requests will only be escalated with the consent of the user.

Access to Help

Users can raise issues and access help through a simple grievance mechanism within the app, supported by Our Journey, a Malaysian-based NGO that provides free legal and other assistance to migrants, refugees and other non-citizens.

What is Just Good Work’s role in MY Voice?

Just Good Work will be one of the tools:

  • (a) To strengthen worker voice. This is available to businesses participating in the MY Voice project; and
  • (b) For training with and outreach to workers, especially migrant workers. This is available to trade unions, civil society organisations and migrant communities.

The app will be equipped to:

  • (a) support potential and current workers to navigate the entire migration process, and
  • (b) provide businesses strategic opportunities to incorporate management systems with meaningful worker engagement.
What does Just Good Work contain?

The app is a mobile platform with the following key features and functions:

  • Information for workers
    • Available in audio and text formats
    • Important information covering a worker’s entire migration journey, from the start of recruitment to when they return home.
    • Information included: pre-departure, culture, banking, Malaysian labour and other relevant laws, how to raise grievances at workplace, etc.
    • Applicable across all sectors
  • A grievance reporting mechanism via an in-app button or hotline.
  • Save copies and/or photos of important documents such as employment contract, pay slips, receipts etc. Please see the section below titled ‘Just Good Work’s Data Policy’ for
  • more details.
  • In-line questions to point workers to timely information needed.
  • Multi-lingual messaging, feedback and survey with workers.
Where can I find or download Just Good Work?

You may download the app from Google Play or Apple store by searching for ‘Just Good Work’. Or click https://onelink.to/jgwmyvoice to download.