Public and Civil Sector Meetings Raise Awareness of Project in Sabah

In March, the MY Voice team visited Sabah and held a series of meetings with civil society organizations (CSOs), palm oil industry stakeholders, and government agencies to introduce the project and work towards alignment with Sabah’s needs.

The team presented to the Sabah Jurisdictional Certification Steering Committee (JCSC) Labor Working Group, focusing on how MY Voice can support Sabah’s goal of statewide RSPO certification though social compliance systems, capacity building on child labor and forced labor, roll out of worker voice technology, and access to remedy.

My Voice also engaged with relevant CSOs such as Sabah Human Rights Centre, Child Learning Centers and Alternative Learning Centers, CSO Platform for Reform (Sabah Chapter), Advocates for Non-discrimination and Access to Knowledge (ANAK), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Wild Asia, BCI, and Stairway to Hope Tuition Centre.