Validation Workshop for MY Voice Child Labour Remediation Model

In October 2023, MY Voice organized two validation workshops on our Child Labour Remediation Hub Model, focusing on the palm oil sector. The workshops involved key stakeholders, field practitioners, and experts to validate the remediation model and finalize its approach.  

The first validation workshop, in collaboration with ANAK, took place in Tawau, Sabah on October 4-5. The 21 participants from 12 organizations represented plantation companies and both international and local NGOs. The second round, conducted with Global Shepherds, took place on October 31, 2023 in Kuala Lumpur. This time, 40 participants from 24 organizations joined in, representing plantation companies, government agencies, and both international and local NGOs.  

At both validation workshops participants were almost unanimous in supporting the proposed child labour remediation model, agreeing that it is both relevant to Malaysia’s palm oil industry generally and adaptable to the unique contexts within the country. Participants agreed on the importance of taking a risk-based approach to remediation—varying the response depending on the severity of the case. Other important aspects highlighted as key to an effective Remediation Model included providing access to education, school fees, transportation support, survival allowances, counselling, medical check-ups, identity document support, and childcare facilities; conducting ongoing monitoring; and establishing appropriate work agreements for young workers. 

In both validation workshops, participants expressed interest in participating in upcoming opportunities to be involved in the Child Labour Remediation Hub pilot project, which is fully funded by MY Voice. Contact Letchimi Devi at if your organization would like to learn about opportunities to pilot the Remediation Hub model.