MY Voice Raises Awareness on Child Labour Prevention and Remediation in Malaysia at Cahaya Webinar

In order to promote greater awareness of child rights in Malaysia, representatives from the MY Voice project were invited to speak at a webinar hosted by Cahaya Society on World Children’s Day in November 2023.  

Joined by representatives from Iskul Sama DiLaut Omadal organisation and Rare Disease Malaysia Association, the webinar was an opportunity to connect with other organisations working towards positive change for children and to highlight issues that MY Voice is tackling, namely eliminating forced and child labour in the palm oil and garment sectors.  

The panellists spoke about the services their organisations are providing to mitigate child rights violations, such as emergency medical services, alternative education, and awareness raising. Likewise, representatives from MY Voice highlighted the importance of child labour prevention and remediation and introduced its Child Labour Remediation Hub initiative. 

Recognising the absence of a comprehensive child labour remediation programme in Malaysia, MY Voice aims to pilot a remediation service in collaboration with private sector stakeholders. This programme will be facilitated by case managers and service providers who are selected and trained by MY Voice. The Child Labour Remediation Hub will provide reliable support to affected children, families, and farms, marking a hopeful step towards reducing child labour in the palm oil and garment industry.  

View the full online session in Bahasa Malaysia is available.

Screenshot of speakers in webinar