Shaping the Future of Responsible Recruitment

29 & 30 November 2023, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MY Voice participated in the Shaping the Future of Responsible Recruitment workshop, organized by Forum for the Future, an international sustainability organization working to accelerate the shift towards a just and regenerative future by engaging with businesses, foundations and civil society organizations that share the same purpose. This workshop was attended by civil society organizations that work on migrant rights’ issues (such as NSI, Migrant Rights Group, and others), the private sector (including garment and furnishing manufacturers), Fifty Eight (developer of the Just Good Work app), recruitment agencies from Nepal, Bangladesh and Malaysia, and international organizations.  

result of post-it note exercise from event (details not legible)

This workshop aimed to improve ethical recruitment practices in Malaysia by exploring its factors, conditions, risks, and interventions. The workshop discussed critical future factors influencing recruitment into Malaysia and the roles and level of preparedness of the multi-sectoral participants on topics including supply chain disruption and restructuring, climate change and its impact on poverty and inequality between and within nations, and the rise of new technologies and automation. 

One of MY Voice’s implementing partners, Our Journey, was invited to present the Just Good Work app as a case study of innovative interventions for ethical recruitment. Our Journey presented on how the Just Good Work app can be used to raise awareness of workers’ rights and build capacity to support ethical recruitment practices among different stakeholders, such as unions, CSOs, community networks, and private sector partners. The presentation emphasized Just Good Work’s pre- and post-migration information and its accessibility in languages migrant workers speak. In the session, participants discussed the role of Just Good Work in informing the workers of their responsibilities and rights.  

Participants from across the supply chain offered feedback which will help MY Voice improve the piloting of JGW as an intervention for ethical recruitment. Particularly, we will enhance the role of JGW to support communication and engagement between workers, employers and existing social support system to workers, including unions.