Child Rights Action Hub Launching in Malaysia’s Palm Oil Sector on June 12

The Child Rights Action Hub, a MY Voice Initiative, is officially launching in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia on June 12. The Action Hub, the first of its kind in Malaysia, is building a community-based, long-term prevention and remediation system that is guided by the best interests of children. It facilitates collaborative action, enabling brands, retailers, and local plantations to participate in joint activities and address child labour risks in their palm oil supply chain, including in the most remote areas.

The launch event will bring together key stakeholders in Malaysia’s palm oil sector, including brands, retailers, traders, producers, business associations, development organisations, certification bodies, audit agencies, regulatory bodies, and CSOs. The event will introduce the Action Hub, explain its operations, and present updates on child labour trends, particularly in the agricultural sector. It will also cover supply chain due diligence and the importance of addressing child labour. Additionally, a panel discussion will explore how businesses can drive child rights, addressing challenges in the palm oil sector related to child labour risks, and highlighting existing and past initiatives aimed at embedding responsible business practices and human rights due diligence in the palm oil industry, with a focus on tackling child labour in lower tiers of the supply chain.

With an estimated 30,000 children working in plantations in Malaysia, there is an urgent need to accelerate progress in addressing the root cause. The Action Hub aims to achieve this through a multi-stakeholder approach that involves local plantation communities and leverages existing resources. To date, as part of the Child Rights Action Hub, a network of local solution providers already providing education and supportive services to children in these communities have been trained to become remediation service providers and case managers. To learn more about the Child Rights Action Hub or the launch event, please hubungi kami.